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Cookie information

Session cookie

We automatically set cookies in order for you to use this website or service. The cookies are essential for the correct operation of this website and service. If the session cookie is not available, you may not be able to use some or all of the features of this website or service. You can opt-out of the other cookies.

The session cookie stores some basic information about your current status such as whether you are logged in and previous search information e.g. registration numbers and filters.

A session cookie only lasts as long as your current browsing session and is typically removed or deleted by your browser when you stop using this website or service. You can manually delete your session cookie at any time by following the instructions in your browser.

Preferences cookie

We store your preferences in a cookie that enables us to remember your choices. Again, these are essential cookies and are only used by this website to store your preference for Google Analytics and Third Party cookies.

Google Analytics cookie

If you choose to allow Google Analytics, this will provide us with basic summary data which we use to improve the performance and relevance of our site. You can disable this cookie on this page at any time. This cookie is enabled by default.

Third Party cookies

If you choose to allow Third Party cookies, this will allow various social networking tools and buttons to link you through should you want to bookmark or use a service to link to this site. You can disable this cookie on this page at any time. This cookie is enabled by default.

Background information

The 2003 Regulations implemented a European Directive - 2002/58/EC - which is concerned with the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector. In 2009 this Directive was amended by Directive 2009/136/EC. This included a change to Article 5(3) of the E-Privacy Directive requiring consent for storage or access to information stored on a subscriber or users terminal equipment - in other words a requirement to obtain consent for cookies and similar technologies.

Governments in Europe had until 25 May 2011 to implement these changes into their own law. The UK introduced the amendments on 25 May 2011 through The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

The rules in this area are essentially designed to protect the privacy of internet users - even where the information being collected about them is not directly personally identifiable. The changes to the Directive in 2009 were prompted in part by concerns about online tracking of individuals and the use of spyware. These are not rules designed to restrict the use of particular technologies as such, they are intended to prevent information being stored on people's computers, and used to recognise them via the device they are using, without their knowledge and agreement.

How to remove cookies

Each browser has a different way of removing cookies, please search for How to remove cookies in your favourite search engine to find the instructions.

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